Assignment 2: Photo Essay

Marking: 30%


Photo essay on a topic to be decided by student in consultation with tutor by week 7.

Photo essay will include 8 – 12 images with short captions for each photo (15-30 words per caption).

Final project will be uploaded to a to a blog as a photo gallery post.

Due Date:

Sunday 19 May by midnight by email and via WordPress


Photo essay of 8-12 images with captions uploaded to a blog as a photo gallery post.

Assessment Criteria:

Students will demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the way text and image work together;
  • an ability to choose an appropriate subject for this style of report;
  • a sense of visual style;
  • an ability to convey useful information succinctly in this format
  • an ability to develop a visual narrative

Submission Method:

All students must post their images to a to a blog as a photo gallery post and email their tutor the URL.

Your tutor will reply within 24 hours acknowledging email receipt of your assignment. It is your responsibility to check for this receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt email you must contact the tutor to check whether your assignment has been received. Tutors will not chase you for missing assignments and your work will be marked off as “Not submitted” unless an assignment is received on time or a follow-up email is received within three days noting that you have not received a receipt of submission email from your tutor.


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