iMovie Basic Audio Slideshow Workflow

Pre-prepare image files and audio file in separate folder – image files should at least be 1920×1080 but larger if you intend to crop or zoom (Ken Burns effect)

NOTE I recommend scripting or planning the slideshow prior to opening iMovie, things to consider include:

  • Pacing / quantity of images / duration of each image in relation to audio file – for example a 3 min slideshow of 20 images (180 seconds / 20 images) equals 9 seconds per image if evenly distributed
  • Use of the same image more than once – perhaps with varying magnification or cropping
  • Use of blank and title slides

Open iMovie

File -> Project Properties (command J) -> set Aspect Ratio (16:9 recommended) -> Timing -> adjust Photo Duration -> Initial Photo Placement choose ‘Crop’ in order to fill the frame

Drag image files into project timeline

Drag audio file into project timeline

Adjust duration, sequence order, cropping, Ken Burns animation (I recommend duplicating the frame either at the end or beginning of movement)

Adjust transitions

Adjust audio fading in/out and general levels

Share -> Export Movie -> Size to Export HD

Upload video file


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